Season Woodke

Jennie, Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing friend!  I am so grateful for the friendship we have created over the past several years.  We have so much in common and have so much fun together!  I feel like we have been friends forever. I love how real and down to earth you are always! I love how big your… Continue reading Season Woodke

Emily Andres

My dear Jennie, I like to think that we are kindred spirits much like our daughters. You came bursting into my life like the ball of fire! You are filled with so much life and joy but you also vulnerable with life struggles and frustrations, and I appreciate your inner being and what makes you… Continue reading Emily Andres


Happy Birthday 40th Jennie! Your friendship and mentorship has meant the world to me. I wouldn’t be where I am without you and all your support. Love ya so much! Cant wait to celebrate with you as soon as possible. Xo-Summer

Aunt Mary Jo

Dear Jen, Our family is only complete because we are blessed with an angel like you, businesswoman that you are! I’ve relished your sweetness from day one. Happy 40th.❤ Love, Aunt Chic

Aunt Margaret

Happy Birthday, Jennie!!!! Let me repeat, “You make my spirit soar.” You are a gift to soooo many in this old world, especially to our big big family. And, I thank our Dan for being open to your loving ways. Prayers for you on this your 40th birthday. Big hug, lots of love. Aunt Margaret

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Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy

Dear Jennie: Just another Happy Birthday to our niece — but it’s really not just “another” birthday when it is your 40th. Now you’re catching up with all of your aunts and uncles and that’s just fine with us.  Enjoy your special day with close by family and friends. Hope to see you soon. –… Continue reading Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy


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