Taylor H


Happy 28th Birthday! I mean, 40, but really, I’ve known you for quite a few birthdays now, and you seem to be aging backwards. Not even trying to compliment you here by the way, it’s just the damn truth. 😉

Jennie, I just love you. I simply cannot write in a few sentences what you mean to me- and to every other person in your life. You are pure gold. Your impact on me began on day one, and is with me every day of my life. You have been a boss, and a friend, but through all of it, you are a piece of my heart, and everything that I am. Thank you for everything that you have done, and continue to do for me. You have influenced me in so many ways. I think of you and what you would say or how you would react to something— probably too much! Haha! But hey, when you talk to someone more than anyone else for a few years of your life, it’s hard to shake that! I’ll wrap this up with a virtual bear hug, and an I love you. Because I do. And I hope you have the most amazing birthday yet, Jennie. You deserve all of the magic and love- and Diet Coke. ♡

XOXOXOXO times a million!