Happy 40th Birthday my Love and Best Friend. Half of our lives have been spent together and I do not recognize any life without you. In the past twenty years we’ve seen: 12 homes, 5 states, 8 colleges, and 4 countries. We’ve had countless friends come and go, family members leave and enter, professional ups and downs and more heated arguments than a Judge Judy television career.

Ever since seeing you outside Room 115 “the Little Theatre” in 9th grade I’ve been in Love. I remember the way you stood out in your fashionable clothes, I remember the range of candies that you would buy at Quick Pick, from snickers to pixies sticks. I remember your red Honda Eagle Summit. All of this before we were even together. You always thought that you pursued me, but I was always conscience of my infatuation with you and dreamed we’d be together even before we were

When I look back on my Love of you, I realize that each passing memory grows stronger and redefines what I thought would be the limit of feelings for another person. Every little thing you do is magic! Not only have you made me the person I only dreamed of being, but you proved that Angels do exist on Earth. You brought the most amazing persons into my life and that will forever shine onto my heart. There are not enough words throughout ten lifetimes to express how special all my Angels are.

The only thing more rewarding than remembering our past is to acknowledge we have no control of the journey forward but will continue to rely on each other’s support as we sail into the mystic.