Julie Egermayer

Dear Jennie,

Happy, happy 40th birthday to you, my dear friend, business partner and cousin. You’re a successful businesswoman, a terrific friend, an amazing mother, wonderful wife and supportive partner. You’re also exceptionally creative, fiercely loyal, extremely determined, deeply principled, warm, generous and a passionate advocate to many.

You unexpectedly became one of my close friends and confidantes. For the past decade, we have laughed; cried; gone for coffee; talked for what feels like millions of hours on the phone and in your car; occasionally argued but always made-up; ate Mexican and drank margaritas; and shared so many specials times together. I still miss our weekly phone calls and occasional visits, but it makes me happy to know what a fantastic life you have in Hawaii with Dan, Georgie and Niah.

Jennie, you have accomplished so much by 40 that I can only imagine what you’ll achieve during the next 40 years of your life. I wish you even more love, joy and success in the years to come.

Happy 40th birthday my sweet cousin.